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Art Limited is a great site of art. Every week I spend some time browsing to find more outstanding works of art. It also provides me with a stage to show my works.

Art limited is an interesting website presenting exceptional art of many genres. Just stumble upon it while browsing around the internet and I hope that my further experience will overcome expectancy. I have recognized more of great fellow photographers presenting their great work also on Art Limited.

I love this amazing home for great art! I love to meet another artists around the globe, be inspired and show my own work and of course get feedback what I appreciate very much!

Art Limited is an Art platform for artists, critics and models who propose creative, personal and original high quality work which is recognized and appreciated. It has been first released in 2005.

Art Limited was designed to bring a personal vision of Art presentation over the Internet media. The idea was to propose something well designed, really fast and simple to display, with a lot of features to help artists to promote their work and share their passion and knowledge to other members. New technologies and amazing effects are interesting for games and shows, but a web gallery should help a work of art to be exhibited in the best possible way, and seen by as many people as possible. Many wonderful communities exists over the Internet and each one has its specificity, its public and fans. No one can pretend to be the best as human tastes are – still – personal.

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